Kinstone Chapel – Special Articles published in 2015


  The Kinstone Chapel is a unique, beautiful, artfully constructed building made of cordwood and covered with a thatched roof. The chapel took about 18 months of calendar time to complete (we did not work during the cold months of November – April). Over 110 people helped to make this building what it is today! […]

Dragon Kiosk – Volunteer Cordwood Workdays


This Thursday and Friday, October 15th & 16th, we will gather to work on building the walls of the cordwood building that will become our welcome center. It is now called the Dragon’s Keep.  There will be a large cordwood dragon in the walls as well as many small dragons incorporated into the walls throughout. […]

Kinstone Drum Circle – First Ever Meet-up!


A small group of us is initiating a Kinstone Drum Circle.  Our inaugural meeting will be Sunday, September 27 at 6:30pm at Kinstone. After this initial meeting we will determine when we meet next. What better place to have a Drum Circle than in the Kinstone Stone Circle??  We are very excited for this event. On Sunday evening, […]