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Kinstone Women’s Circle is a Sister Circle! We are part of the Global Sisterhood. A Sister Circle is a safe and sacred place where we can get real, share our journeys, insights, and stories. We can cultivate self-love and authentic connection. In circle we can all speak our truth and be seen and heard for who we are.

Read through this whole page for details!

NOTE: There are TWO New Moons in July!! This event is for the second one on July 31.

JULY 31st THEME: “Fearlessly Me: I let myself be seen.”Astrology of this new moon: Leo (Fire sign) – Courage, loyalty, leadership, sincerity, charisma, passion, visibility, enjoys being admired …

Some questions for contemplation / inspiration for sharing this month:
  • What is something you are holding back from sharing with the world, either socially, professionally, or with the ones closest to you?
  • What are some of your current life situations where you are stepping up as a leader? (Practice being comfortable claiming your natural abilities)
  • What are you afraid might happen if you share more of who you are with the world or the people around you?
  • What would you do or say if you could do it anonymously?
  • What is one of your gifts or talents that most people don’t know about?
  • Create your own question.

There is no need to register. Just show up. If you want to share in the meal, please Contact Us and let us know! Cost to participate in the meal is $5/person. Thank you.


Women have been gathering in a healing, sharing sister circle at Kinstone on the New Moon since March 2016 when the first International Women’s Day was launched. We average about 20 women at our circles. Sometimes less, sometimes more. We’ve had as few as 3 and as many as 42 show up! It begins each year with an event in conjunction with International Women’s Day (March 8) and continues each month on the day of the New Moon through November!

All women are invited to this circle, especially women who desire to create supportive relationships with other women, women who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed and are looking for some rejuvenation, and women who are looking for ways to find and express the Sacred in their daily lives.

In circle, we join in a short heart meditation, then we have a time for personal sharing – feelings, questions, truths, stories, poems, and more. In this space we are free to celebrate our individuality as well as our collective strength, fearlessness, nurturing, healing and gifts. We end with a shared meal and informal conversations around the tables. Come as you are. It is free to participate; however, we do share a meal and if you want to eat, we ask a $5 donation for a meal. Join us! Please share these events with other women who may be interested. Thank you!

Kinstone has some amazing sacred spaces and we like to use them as much as possible. We may gather in the large Stone Circle, Three Witnesses circle, Star Gazer Circle, Circle of Mystery or other outdoor sacred place at Kinstone (weather permitting). If weather is uncooperative, we meet in our beautiful classroom space in the Education Center.

All women are invited, especially women who are desiring to create supportive relationships with other women, women who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed and are looking for some rejuvenation, and women who are looking for ways to find and express the Sacred in their daily lives. 

Date(s): The evening of each NEW MOON March through November – see the list of dates below. We do NOT meet in December, January or February unless otherwise posted.

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Place:  Kinstone Circle, S3439 Cole Bluff Lane, Fountain City, Wisconsin 54629, USA. When the timing of sunset and weather permitting, we gather outdoors in one of the special places at Kinstone so please dress appropriately for being outside for an hour or longer. Wear layers and bring a scarf since it is nearly always windy on the ridge. We gather first and end with a shared meal for those who wish to stay.  In case of bad weather, we meet inside the Kinstone Education Center.

Cost: FREE to attend, but bring $5 for a simple meal if you are partaking. (Note: this is an increase for 2019!)

MEAL: Simple food (varies each time) is available for any who wish to partake; cost is $5/person. We appreciate an email in advance (send to [email protected] at least 2 days in advance if possible!) to let us know that you plan to eat with us.

IMPORTANT: Come prepared to share! Feel free to share what is on your heart, something you have written or bring a short poem, quote, or story that speaks to you – this may be relevant to the theme for the month or could be anything that you find inspirational or that highlights the unique strengths of women.


For more information, please see the following links which are inspirational and instrumental in the organization of our circle: internationalwomensday.com and globalsisterhood.org



Please note that we will update our website each month with a new event for the monthly New Moon gathering. Themes are announced about 2 weeks prior to each meeting date. We will also create a Facebook event that has the theme and more information. Check out these events on the Kinstone Circle Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/kinstonecircle/

Upcoming 2019 Dates:

Friday, August 30 – theme to be announced

Saturday, September 28 – theme to be announced

Sunday, October 27 – theme to be announced

Tuesday, November 26 – theme to be announced

NO CIRCLE GATHERING HERE IN: DECEMBER (Dec 25th); JANUARY (Jan 24th), and February (Feb 23rd)