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Ribbons of Intention Fire Ceremony

October 4 is the date designated as The Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. On this date each year we remove the ribbons that are tied to the Tree of Intention (a.k.a. Prayer Tree) in the Kinstone Chapel of Creation and burn them in the fire pit in the Stargazer Circle, releasing the prayers and intentions written there, to the Universe. This special event is marked by a brief ceremony that is free and open to the public.

Ribbon Ceremony – 4:30pm – 6:30pm

We gather around the Tree of Intention in the Kinstone Chapel of Creation to begin this ceremony. All of the ribbons on the Tree represent intentions left there by visitors to Kinstone over the past year. All those in attendance today will participate in a short service to raise up all the intentions in prayer. Immediately thereafter, we will all work at removing each ribbon from the Tree and place them into a basket. The basket of ribbons is then set at the feet of the little statue of St. Francis outside the chapel in a symbolic expression of gratitude for the holding of these prayers this year.

Then, gathered around the empty Tree, we will say The Peace Prayer of St. Francis as a single red ribbon, with the intention for world peace inscribed upon it.  At this time, everyone present is invited to take a ribbon if they wish, inscribe a new intention upon it for the coming year and tie it to the tree. A new season has begun!

The basket of ribbons is then carried with respect and honor to the Stargazer Circle where a fire is already burning in the fire pit. When gathered there, we create a sacred space for this ceremony around the fire. We speak of Saint Francis and the significance of his story and how it relates to the Kinstone story. We read stories about him and prayers that are attributed to him. We state our purpose in burning the ribbons; we profess our willingness to release attachment to the outcome and express profound gratitude that our needs will be provided for in creative and sometimes unexpected ways.  The ribbons are then put into the fire, releasing all the prayers, all the intentions, to the Universe. We end by saying a prayer of thanksgiving.

If you are interested in participating, just show up. No registration is required. There is no fee.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to wander the grounds of Kinstone outside of this event, please plan to pay your regular admission. Thank you.