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Every Summer Solstice, we stand and greet the sun as it enters the Kinstone Circle at sunrise. You are invited to join us as we recognize the passing of the seasons from Spring to Summer in this auspicious and sacred stone place.

We will gather at 5:15 am to be ready to witness the rising of the sun – actual sunrise is at 5:23am but it is usually 5:30 before it visible in the stone circle. Given fair weather and a clear horizon, we will watch the sun as it crests the ridge and is ushered through the Summer Solstice Corridor into the circle. It will set its golden glow upon anyone standing in the middle of the circle. Further, it will cast the shadow of those persons standing there onto the stone directly in the path of the sun. This stone happens to be the marker for the exact point of WINTER Solstice SUNSET!  Isn’t that fun fact!? Truly magical!

Given cloudy weather, we will not see the sunrise or the shadow, but will greet it ceremoniously regardless! This will be a quiet, meditative event with a short opening rite and reading. Witness the arrival of Summer. Send Spring on its way with blessings. This gathering will last about 45 minutes. Although the actual sunrise is at 5:23am, the topography of Kinstone means it will be just a little different. Be there early, just in case! Feel free to arrive as early as 5:00am if you so wish.

COST: Free, No Registration Required, Family Friendly, No Pets

Date: Friday, June 21, 2019   Time: 5:15 am – 6:15am

This event is outdoors and will be held rain or shine. Please note that we will not see the alignment if it is cloudy or if the horizon is obstructed by morning mist, fog, rain, or clouds. If it is raining or storming we shall gather indoors in the Kinstone Education Center. Dress for the weather, be prepared for a dewy walk in grass; wear appropriate footwear, scarves, hats, a blanket, and even gloves if needed! Bring your own insect repellent if you wish!

Interesting fact: The exact time of the Summer Solstice is Friday, June 21, 2019 at 10:54am CDT.