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An Equinox Retreat at Kinstone

The Pillars of Mindfulness Amidst the Way of the Stones

Date: Sunday September 22nd, 2019

Time:  9AM-4PM

Cost: $85 (includes a simple, vegetarian lunch)


Join Trish Johnson and Kristine Beck for a unique daylong retreat focused on cultivating an intentionally present and meaningful life. As the seasons change and the sun and earth align again at Equinox, there is also change and alignment taking place inside each of us. This retreat encourages us to turn inward and notice what we might not normally make time for in our lives. Using the pillars of mindfulness (i.e. non-judgment, self-compassion, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, letting go) as the foundation for exploration, together we will journey outdoors, like pilgrims, along The Way of the Stones, connecting to the Earth and with the Divine in each step. We will visit the Chapel of Creation, Stone Circle, Labyrinth, Dolmen of Remembrance, Serpent of Transformation, The Three Witnesses, Stargazer Circle and other sacred spaces around Kinstone. As we walk the land, we will take time at each of these stone spaces, studying, discussing and practicing the pillars of mindfulness meditation. The natural spaces under the open sky and these incredible standing stones help us to examine and illuminate our inner study and bring us more into alignment with the life we authentically want to live.


Additional details: Rain or Shine. Dress for the weather and wear sturdy walking shoes. Suggested items to bring: umbrellas for shade or rain, journals, drawing materials, jacket, yoga mat or blanket for personal meditation times, sunscreen and insect repellent.


About your facilitators:

Kristine Beck is the founder, creator and director of Kinstone in Fountain City, Wisconsin. An entrepreneur at heart, she returned to her family land to build Kinstone after successfully selling a software company she had started with a business partner. Kristine has now dedicated her life to blending conscious care of the Earth with art to form sacred spaces at Kinstone that invite and inspire people to experience the life-giving power of the land to transform, energize and revive the body, mind and spirit. She facilitates sacred walks around Kinstone as well as monthly women’s circle gatherings and group meditations. Kristine is an amateur photographer focusing on the beauty of nature, especially at Kinstone.

Trish Johnson’s life passion and commitment in supporting others on their journey in self-exploration, discovery, care and authenticity. She has worked as an educator, internationally and throughout the Midwest, since the mid 1990s. Trish has 10 years of experience developing and implementing holistic mind-body curriculum with children and adults in various environments. She is a Zen Priest, mindfulness meditation teacher, certified yoga instructor (trauma informed) and a co-founder of Manitou Center in Winona, Minnesota.