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Join us to celebrate the passing of the seasons from Autumn to Winter.

COST: Free, No Registration Required

Date: Friday, December 21, 2018  Time: 7:30 am – 8:00am  (Sunrise Gathering)

Come experience the Winter Solstice sunrise as we gather in the center of the large stone circle at Kinstone. Given fair weather and clear skies, we will watch the sun as it crests the ridge and beams through the Chair Stones to light up anyone standing in the middle of the circle.  We will hear the story of the Chair Stones and how they are connected to the family of Kinstone. Given cloudy or rainy/snowy weather, we will not see the sunrise, but will greet it ceremoniously regardless! This will be a quiet, meditative event with a short opening rite and reading. Witness the arrival of Winter. Send Autumn on its way with blessings. This gathering will last only 30 minutes – there will be coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in the Education Center afterwards. Please join us!

This event is outdoors and will be held rain, snow or shine. Please note that we will not see the alignment if it is cloudy or if the horizon is obstructed by morning mist, fog, rain, snow or clouds. If it is raining or snowing, we may gather indoors in the Kinstone Education Center. Cancellation will occur in case of a major storm. Dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear, scarves, hats, extra layers and gloves! Expect it to be colder than you think!

Parking is limited – especially in winter. Please park in the small lot by the Education Center (Staff Parking area) if necessary and be prepared to walk some distance through snow to get to the circle! If we have deep snow it will be difficult walking! Note: we highly discourage parking along the road, however; if you absolutely must park along the road due to snow in our Staff and Visitor Parking areas, please make sure you put on your 4-way flashing lights while parked there for this short event.

Interesting fact: The exact time of the Winter Solstice is Friday, December 21, 2018 at 4:22pm CDT.