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An Autumnal Equinox Concert at Kinstone

Come and experience the incredible, transformational sounds of Peter Phippen and Rahbi Crawford. Their collaboration of flutes and crystal singing bowls will help us say farewell to summer and welcome in the autumn. This concert will happen at sunset. If it is sunny we will also be able to witness the special equinox sunset alignment at Kinstone. The music will echo through the stones and raise the spirits of all who join in.

NOTE: This concert will be held rain or shine. If the weather is not ideal for outdoor listening we will hold this event inside the Kinstone Education Building.

Date:  Friday, September 22

Time:  6:00 pm

Tickets:  $20.00  (purchase tickets below; printed receipt required for entry; kids 12 & under are FREE but must be accompanied by an adult registered for the event!)

IMPORTANT:  Bring your own chair or blanket to sit on. Dress for the weather and bring your own insect repellent and/or sunscreen if needed.

This is a non-smoking, alcohol free, kid-friendly event. 

Performed by:

Peter Phippen (Antique bamboo and wooden flutes)

                       Rahbi Crawford (Crystal singing bowls)


About Peter Phippen:

Peter Phippen is a Grammy Award Nominee, International Acoustic Music Awards Nominee and Native American Music Awards Nominee. Phippen has researched the history and performance technique of flutes both ancient and modern and shares this knowledge in concerts, lessons, workshops, and artist residencies. His educational and entertaining program covers the folklore and history of flutes from around the world and throughout time.

Since 1993, Phippen has performed an enchanting mix of the very old and very new in music. Peter has shared the stage with R. Carlos Nakai, Coyote Oldman, and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl to name a few. As a recording artist for Canyon Records, Phippen has released four CDs of original music. Peter has also released several instrumental albums for Promotion Music Records. Phippen’s recordings have been aired on radio and television world wide.

Listen to a sample of music by Peter Phippen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsKMtmTX6_o

“Peter Phippen’s music comes from the heart and touches the soul. That is God’s gift to a musician.” – G. S. Sachdev, Bansuri Flute Master

“Like a call in the wild, the alluring, soothing, hypnotic tones of the wind instruments lulled and enchanted.” – Dunn County News, Menomonie, Wisconsin


About Rahbi Crawford:

Rahbi (Roberta) Crawford has accepted her calling as a Musical Mystic. (Mystic: A seeker of Spiritual truths).

She holds two Master Degrees, one in Music Education and another in Choral Conducting, and 6 years of advanced training in professional orchestral conducting organizations: including International workshops in the Czech Republic with the Zlin professional orchestra.

Her sound healing training includes Levels I & II from Tama-Do, Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, in the South of France. Besides her extensive musical skill and training, Rahbi brings to her music her own emotional and spiritual depth.

Rahbi has provided the background music for Mayo Clinic’s, “Mindful Movements: Gentle Yoga” DVD and has been giving presentations in the Mayo Clinic Cancer Education Center as part of its Creative Cancer Renewal Program.

“Rahbi has more healing wisdom in her experience than millions of other professionals have in their training and academics. American Mindfulness uses this elegant system of healing because of one overriding reason. It works”. – Kenneth Dennis, PhD, Rehabilitation Psychologist and Marriage/Family Therapist


Rahbi and Peter have collaborated on several performances and recordings. Their music is transformational. Listen to a sample of music by Rahbi Crawford and Peter Phippen here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwj42n29zj8








Come early and enjoy a stroll around our beautiful grounds, visit the chapel, the labyrinth, the Three Witnesses, and other megaliths. The ancient ones await this musical treat and your visit. 

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