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2016 April 18-24

So, you have your PDC, now what? This advanced, applied Permaculture design course is for anyone looking to study Permaculture design at a deeper level. Enhance your understanding of the Permaculture ethics and principles and practice applying them to property designs with input and guidance from experienced Permaculture consultant and designer, Wayne Weiseman.

Gain the skills and confidence needed to take your Permaculture design skills beyond your own back yard.  This course will give you the skills and foresight needed to assess, conceive and design any property into a perpetual harvest garden. This program teaches the use of ecological landscape design language and technique using the Permaculture design process to create an ecologically balanced residence and abundant lifestyle. Forest gardening, landscape design techniques, professional Permaculture design & consulting, site assessments, urban and rural design projects, project presentation and other topics covered in this course will insure a life-changing experience and provide enhanced skills for ecological design. You will practice designing property infrastructure, the built environment, integration of animals and plants, and merging all of these elements into a designed landscape of your creation.

This course consists of one 7-day session that focuses on a detailed design project. Students taking this course must already have their Permaculture Design Certificate. Please dress for the weather (wear layers!) and bring boots and a raincoat.

Registered students receive 3 meals per day on class days and are able to camp onsite for free during the course. Anyone wishing to camp at Kinstone must make arrangements via email or phone (see the Contact us link) in advance after they have registered.

Prerequisites: a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

Organization: This course consists of readings, narrated power point presentations, videos and films, design projects, feedback, and design revisions.

Course Length: 7 days

Course Dates: April 18 – 24, 2016

Daily Schedule: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Course Fee: Early bird: $895  After March 6: $995

Instructor: Wayne Weiseman

Recommended Reference Texts (Students who have these books are encouraged to bring them along):

  • Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, Bill Mollison
  • Landscape Graphics, Grant Reid
  • Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development, John Lyle

Course Topics:

  • Review of the Permaculture concept
  • Design methodologies
  • Whole systems thinking
  • Ecological design
  • Base plans, plat maps, satellite maps, scaling and map measurements
  • Observation exercises
  • Site assessment and site assessment tool kits
  • The scale of permanence, sector analysis, the zone system, needs, products and behaviors as templates for design
  • Land infrastructure
  • Buildings, the waste stream, energy systems
  • Animals
  • Recognizing and following natural patterns
  • Drawing practice and landscape symbols
  • Drafting/drawing tools
  • Preparing for and managing design charettes
  • Design drivers, goal setting, envisioning the needs and wants of the client
  • Draft design (hand-drawing)
  • Concept evaluation
  • Plant databases, building databases, etc. and internet resources
  • Polyculture design

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  • Adv. Perm. Design - Spring
    April 18, 2016 - April 24, 2016
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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S3439 Cole Bluff Lane, Fountain City, Wisconsin, 54629, United States