Welcome to our LINKS page! Here are many links to resources on various topics of interest to Kinstone including megalithic places, spirituality, natural building, permaculture, prairie & savanna plantings and regional information about Wisconsin Natural Resources. There is much to be learned in all of these areas. Enjoy!

Natural Building Resources


Build Naturally – website of Down To Earth Design by Sigi Koko, natural building designer/builder with cob, clay, and more

Cordwood Construction – website of Richard Flatau, cordwood expert, Merrill, WI

Cordwood Masonry – website of Rob Roy, cordwood expert, West Chazy, NY

Design Coalition – website of building team in Wisconsin specializing in Light Straw Clay construction

Whole Tree Construction – website of Roald Gundersen, specializing in building with whole trees

Click on the link below to get a list of BOOKS that have been helpful for various building projects at Kinstone.

  • Building Green, by Clarke Snell & Tim Callahan
  • Cordwood Construction Best Practices Revised & Updated 2017, by Richard Flatau
  • Cordwood and the Code: A Building Permit Guide + CD,  by Richard Flatau
  • Cordwood Building Revised, 2nd Edition, by Rob Roy
  • The Hand-Sculpted House, by Ianto Evans, Michael G. Smith, and Linda Smiley
  • The Natural Building Companion, by Jacob Deva Racusin and Ace McArleton

Permaculture Resources


The Permaculture Project – the website of Wayne Weiseman, Master Permaculture Designer for Kinstone

David Holgren’s website – cofounder of Permaculture

The Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA)

Permaculture Principles / Free Permaculture Resources page

Permaculture Research Institute Australia

Permaculture Research Institute – Planning for Permanence

Rosemary Morrow’s website – author of Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture and more

Free Articles/Books/Booklets/Writings:

 Permaculture Beginner’s Guide by Graham Burnett

A Resource Book for Permaculture, by Lachlan McKenzie with Ego Lemos

Permaculture Two, by Bill Mollison’s (free download of entire book)

Essence of Permaculture, by David Holmgren (a summary of permaculture princicples detailed in his other writings)

There is a whole host of books, articles and PDFs about Permaculture that can be downloaded for FREE from HERE


Permaculture Magazine

Permaculture Magazine North America

Basic permaculture books:

  • Earth users Guide to Permaculture, Rosemary Morrow
  • Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison
  • Gaia’s Garden, Toby Hemenway
  • The One Straw Revolution, Masanobu Fukuoka

Click on the link below to get a list of more great BOOKS about Permaculture, Design and Plants.

  • Basics of Permaculture Design, Ross Mars, 1996
  • Design for Human Ecosystems, John Tillman Lyle, Island Press, 1999
  • Design for Sustainability, Janis Birkeland, Earthscan, 2005
  • Design with Nature, Ian McHarg, Natural History Press, 1969
  • Ecological Design, Sym Van der Ryn and Stuart Cowan
  • Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her People, Jackson and Svensson, Gaia Trust, 2002
  • Ferment and Human Nutrition, Bill Mollison, Tagari Publications, 1993
  • Field Guide to Appropriate Technology, Hazeltine and Bull, Academic Press, 2003
  • Green History of the World, Clive Ponting, Penguin Books, 1991
  • Holistic Resource Management, Alan Savory, Island Press, 1988
  • Integrated Forest Gardening, Wayne Weiseman, Daniel Halsey, Bryce Ruddock, 2014
  • Landscape Graphics, Grant Reid
  • Living Communities: a Permaculture Case Study at Sol y Sombre, Ben Haggard
  • Patterns in Nature, Peter Stevens
  • Permaculture Garden, Graham Bell
  • Permaculture One, Bill Mollison, Tagari Publications
  • Permaculture Two, Bill Mollison, Tagari Publications, 1979
  • Permaculture in a Nutshell, Patrick Whitefield
  • Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, Bill Mollison, Tagari Publications, 1988
  • Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability, David Holmgren, Holmgren Design Services, 2002
  • Plan Graphics for the Landscape Designer, Tony Bertanski, Prentice Hall, 2003
  • Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development, John Tillman Lyle, John Wiley and Sons, 1994
  • Small is Beautiful: Economics as if the Earth Really Mattered, EF Schumacher, Harper and Row, 1989

General plants, gardening and farming books:

  • A Forestry Journey, Robert Hart and A.J. Douglas
  • Agriculture, Rudolf Steiner,  Biodynamic Agricultural Association, 1984
  • Agroecology, Miguel Altieri, Harper Collins, 1989
  • Book of Bamboo, Farrelly, Sierra Club Books, 1984
  • Botany for Gardeners, Brian Capon, Timber Press, 1990
  • Companion Planting, Richard Bird, Quarto Publishing, 1990
  • Creating a Forest Garden, Martin Crawford, Green Books, 2010
  • Culture and Horticulture, Wolf D Stohrl, Bio-Dynamic Literature, 1979
  • Edible Forest Gardens, Volumes I and II, Dave Jacke, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2005
  • Edible Wild Plants: Peterson Field Guide, L Peterson, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1973
  • Farmers of Forty Centuries, FH King, Rodale Press, 1911
  • Farming in Nature’s Image, Soule and Piper, Island Press, 1992
  • Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, Toby Hemenway Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2001
  • Gardening for the Future of the Earth, Shapiro and Harrison, Bantam Books, 2000
  • How to Grow More Vegetables, John Jeavons, Ten Speed Press, 2002
  • Integrated Forest Gardening, Wayne Weiseman, Daniel Halsey, Bryce Ruddock, 2014
  • Nature and Property of Soil, Grady
  • New Organic Grower, Eliot Coleman, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1989
  • Orchard Almanac, Page and Smillie, Spraysaver Publications, 1986
  • Perennial Vegetables, Eric Toensmeier, Chelsea Green Publishers, 2007
  • Secrets of the Soil, Tompkins and Bird, Harper and Row Publishers, 1989
  • Seed to Seed, Susan Ashworth, Seed Saver Publications, 1991
  • Seeds of Change, Kenny Ausubel, Harper, 1994
  • The Edible Forest, Rober Hart and A.J. Douglas
  • The Once and Future Forest, Leslie Jones Sauer, Island Press, 1998
  • The Plant: Volumes I and II, Gerbert Grohman, Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association, 1989
  • The Secret Life of Plants, Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird, Harper, 1973
  • Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture, Russel-Smith, Harper, 1978
  • Trees and Shrubs: Peterson Field Guide, Petrides, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1987
  • Weeds and What They Tell, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, Rodale Press, 1954
  • Weeds in Winter, Lauren Brown, W.W. Norton and Company, 1976
  • Wildflowers: Peterson Field Guide, Peterson and McKenney, 1971

Prairie & Savanna Planting & Restoration


Oak Savannas; providing tools for those restoring oak savanna in the midwest, USA

The Prairie Enthusiasts, education, protection, & restoration  of prairies and savannas in the upper midwest, USA

Prairie Haven, Native Habitat Restoration in Western Wisconsin

Prairie Moon Nursery; specializing in native seeds and plants for gardening and restoration, outside of Winona, MN

Prairie Nursery; specializing in native seeds and plants, in Westfield, WI

  • Kinstone Chapel
  • Kinstone Flora and Fauna

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